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We're fundraising for World Female Ranger Week

In support of World Female Ranger Week, we’re fundraising for female anti-poaching rangers and would love for you to help us reach our goal! 

Through their patrols, snare sweeps, dedication, and skill, female rangers are protecting wild animals and putting a stop to poaching. 100% of the funds raised will go directly towards the needs of female rangers, ensuring they have the facilities, tools, and support they need to do their jobs effectively and safeguard wildlife and wilderness areas.

Will you show your support as we start our World Female Ranger Week Challenge? 

Together, we can support female rangers, protect wildlife, and create positive change.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Gemma D'souza

Nyayo's first donation, with much more to come. Here's to all of the inspiring women on the frontline.

Hear about the female rangers and their mission to save wildlife.