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Mara Elephant Project (MEP) is proud to partner with World Female Ranger Week and How Many Elephants to raise funds for the work of our female rangers and their teams. MEP was founded in 2011 with the mission of protecting elephants and their habitats in the Greater Mara Ecosystem (GME). The GME, an extension of the vast Serengeti ecosystem, is Kenya’s most important wildlife area and tourism asset. The Mara-Serengeti Ecosystem is one of the last major wildlife refuges on Earth. Most famous for its annual migration of nearly two million wildebeest and zebra, the ecosystem is also home to an estimated 40% of Africa’s large mammals. Historically, people and wildlife peacefully co-existed when space for both did not overlap; however, as the human population has grown, so has livestock and farming, pushing wild animals into smaller spaces. Elephants are a keystone species to this ecosystem and when poaching emerged as the number one threat in 2012 (96 elephants that year alone were killed for their ivory) MEP took action to successfully combat this global threat. Today, the drastic expansion of the human footprint in the region is causing devastating loss of habitat, which means MEP must expand its mission and goals to save the Mara’s wildlife and wild spaces.
 MEP’s vision is to see the existence of a stable elephant population co-existing peacefully with people across the GME. For over a decade at MEP, CEO Marc Goss has worked alongside Kenyan stakeholders and a large team of local Maasai men and women have been working together to build a better future for their families, Africa and the world. Together with MEP’s Director of Research & Conservation Dr. Jake Wall, who joined in 2019, we have worked to expand MEP’s capability through new renowned scientific programming. MEP is a remarkable force of talented, dedicated and determined men and women working together 24/7 to save elephants, a keystone species, the GME, Kenyan wildlife and wild spaces for generations to come.
 MEP has a diverse workforce that includes four female rangers embedded with the two Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Mau De-Snaring Units in the Mau Forest. These two co-ed teams are essential to ensuring the elephants that call this forest home are safe, and that the habitat they depend on remains intact. We were delighted to host Holly Budge, founder of World Female Ranger Week and How Many Elephants, in November 2021 to patrol alongside our ranger unit led by Caren. Their work is demanding yet crucial to our mission. Please support their efforts today! 

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