World Female Ranger Grants

Our World Female Ranger Grants are open to female and mixed wildlife ranger teams worldwide.

Before applying, you can read our criteria below.

Our grant applications are now closed. Stay tuned for our next round.

Our areas of interest for grantmaking include:

  • anti-poaching initiatives
  • community-outreach programmes
  • research
  • training
  • education

Our trustees will judge the quality and completeness of the initial information obtained via the online grant application form and will decide whether further checks or enquiries will be required. Once the trustees are completely satisfied with the above points, the grant will be made by means of electronic bank transfer. We will make payment within one month following the grant deadline. 

Our criteria:

If your organisation is applying for a World Female Ranger Grant, you need to comply with ALL of the following:

  1. Our grants are for projects up to £2000 (GBP)
  2. The grant must be used for projects stated in your application
  3. The grant usage timeframe is 12 months from receiving the grant.
  4. You will need to provide proof of how/ where the grant has been spent. 
  5. Our grants are for ranger organisations, not for individuals.

Hear about the female rangers and their mission to save wildlife.