Are you up for a challenge?

Become a Ranger for a Week!

Step into the boots of a wildlife ranger and see what it’s like to patrol, every day, across vast distances.
A ranger covers around 20km per day. How many can you do? Choose your challenge at a time that suits you!


The Training Lap

2km per day for 7 days

Rangers train and warm up before they go on long-distance patrols - and even this is hard work! One training lap is approximately 2km in distance. Can you train like a ranger? How many laps can you do? Ready, steady, GO!


The Snare Sweep

5km per day for 7 days

Rangers search for snares that are deadly to wildlife, often walking with trained K-9 unit dogs to help locate them. One snare sweep is approximately 5km in distance. Would you be fit enough to join a snare sweep? Take your dog with you in true ranger style!


The Ranger Patrol

20km per day for 7 days

Rangers patrol on foot, covering approximately 20km per day. Female rangers carry equipment packs that weigh up to 15kg. Would you be physically and mentally strong enough to patrol with rangers? Pull up your socks and get ready to deploy.

Hear about the female rangers and their mission to save wildlife.