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Saving biodiversity

World Female Ranger Week is amplifying the voices of female rangers around the world to celebrate their impactful work; Protecting wildlife, empowering women and uplifting communities.

When women rise, the world rises with them.

Rangers are the last line of defence in protecting biodiversity. They need our help.



Meet some of the incredible women who help protect wildlife from extinction.

Calling All

Female Rangers

Are you a ranger, scout or eco guard? If so, we'd love for you to share your story here.

World Female

Ranger Award

Nominate a female ranger for this award to acknowledge their work.

World Female Ranger Award

This award gives international recognition to a female ranger who has shown exemplary service and commitment to conservation, dedication to teamwork and is passionate about protecting wildlife and wild spaces.

We award a grant to the winning recipient and their team.

Closing date for nominations: 30th August 2022

Apply here!

Why is the female ranger movement picking up such momentum?

Watch our short video, presented by World Female Ranger Week Founder, Holly Budge, to find out more.


We're supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

World Female Ranger Week centres its values around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In keeping with these goals, this campaign supports female and mixed ranger teams across the globe. Photo: Brent Stirton




Celebrating Real Role Models


World Female Ranger Week has been created by women, about women, for women and with the support of men and women who respect and promote gender equality. Photo: Ilan Godfrey


“Having spent time on the front line with multiple all-female anti-poaching units in Africa, it’s evident why the female ranger movement is picking up such momentum. These incredible women are proving to be highly successful on patrol as well as easing local tension and strengthen relationships within their communities.”

Holly Budge, Founder


Join Us in Our Mission to Celebrate and Support Female Rangers Globally and Protect Wildlife.


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