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New Patrol Vehicle for The Black Mambas!

Sunday, 17th Jul 22

We have recently purchased a vehicle for The Black Mambas, Africa’s first all-female ranger team, based in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, in partnership with the Derek Moore Foundation. Since the inception of The Black Mambas in 2013, elephant and rhino poaching has reduced by 76%. These women are working hard to protect wildlife and wild spaces, plus educate local communities on how to conserve and preserve their natural heritage.

LIVE on BBC Radio Solent

Wednesday, 29th Jun 22

We love having a good natter with BBC Radio Solent! Listen to World Female Ranger Week Founder Holly Budge talking about all things female rangers and falling out of aeroplanes over Everest!

LIVE on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey

Wednesday, 29th Jun 22

Did you know How Many Elephants NGO was born in Sussex whilst founder Holly Budge was studying for a Master's in Sustainable Design! Check out Holly's interview on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey, talking about the impact of World Female Ranger Week.

5 women leading the way in conservation

Wednesday, 29th Jun 22

Set up by non-profit organisation How Many Elephants, the awareness week highlights the crucial work female rangers do to protect wildlife, uplift communities and empower women...

LIVE on BBC Radio Oxford!

Tuesday, 28th Jun 22

Check out our LIVE interview on BBC Radio Oxford with World Female Ranger Week Founder, Holly Budge.

It's World Female Ranger Week

Tuesday, 28th Jun 22

This week is World Female Ranger Week, which supports female rangers across the globe as they fight to protect our planet's precious wildlife.

LIVE on Africa Hub!

Tuesday, 28th Jun 22

We were joined on Africa Hub by Holly Budge, world-renowned speaker, adventurer and conservationist, who took us on an inspiring journey to the front line of wildlife conservation in Africa. Holly was joined by two incredible female rangers, who shared their inspiring and often emotional stories!

News Central TV with Black Mamba Ranger!

Friday, 24th Jun 22

Our guests on News Central TV are Holly Budge, Founder of World Female Ranger Week and Felicia Letang, a Black Mamba Ranger from South Africa.

LIVE on Times Radio!

Thursday, 23rd Jun 22

Check out our LIVE interview on Times Radio with Holly Budge talking about her work with female rangers and her NGO, How Many Elephants.

LIVE on BBC Womans Hour!

Thursday, 23rd Jun 22

Check out our LIVE interview on BBC Woman's Hour with World Female Ranger Week Founder, Holly Budge, and Purnima Barman, Founder of the Hargila Army.

The Black Mambas: The Unarmed Mothers of...

Monday, 30th May 22

The Black Mambas: The Unarmed Mothers of the Bush Words: Angela Fedele. Image: Julia Gunther. Beneath the searing sun, in a South African nature reserve, a rhino, horn intact, can safely drink from a waterhole because it’s been tested for poisoning. A herd of elephants can take their daily walk, relishing the vegetation and plants free of snares or metal wires. While the nearby lion looks onto a passing vehicle, with women inside, perhaps with a knowing that they too are protecting his pride. These heroic rangers are The Black Mambas –an all-female anti-poaching unit in South Africa.

Teaching Conservation in the Community w...

Monday, 30th May 22

Teaching Conservation in the Community with The Black Mambas Words: Angela Fedele. Image: Ilan Godfrey. This is the story of the Black Mambas – the all-women ranger team of the anti-poaching unit in South Africa’s Greater Kruger National Park. Established in 2013, these women rangers have supported conservation and wildlife protection for the reserve and beyond. The illegal bushmeat trade is down, poachers are planting less equipment and animals continue to populate and thrive in their natural environment. However, their story doesn’t end here. They must now preserve and maintain these positive outcomes and implement change through education.

Hear about the female rangers and their mission to save wildlife.