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Check out our LIVE interview on BBC Woman's Hour with World Female Ranger Week Founder, Holly Budge, and Purnima Barman, Founder of the Hargila Army in India.


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The Greater Adjutant stork used to be called many things: ugly, filthy, a disease-carrying pest, a bad omen. Habitat loss, poaching and poisoning are major threats to Greater Adjutant Storks. ​​​​​​​Purnima began her work with rural communities in Assam, India. Her ‘Hargila Army’ has adopted and celebrates the bird — a gentle giant that typically stands at a height of 5 feet — and has helped turn it into a cultural icon in the state. ​​​​​​​ It, in turn, has turned her into an icon as well. From small beginnings, Barman has built a network of 10,000 rural women as the Hargila Army all committed to protecting this stork and spreading the word about why it is precious. ​​​​​​​​By associating positive festivities with the bird, Purnima believes, she fostered a pride in the rare stork. “Today many women join because it is a matter of prestige to be a part of the Hargila Army.”

Hear about the female rangers and their mission to save wildlife.