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Credit: Holly Budge | Ilan Godfrey



Uganda: Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka

Founder/CEO of Conservation

“Gender equity in the conservation arena is such an important and prevalent topic. There is still much work to do but World Female Ranger Week plays a key role in raising awareness of the work of female rangers and women in conversation in the broader picture.”

Benson Ranger Zambia

Zambia: Benson Kanyembo

Law Enforcement Advisor at Conservation South Luangwa

World Female Ranger Week honors the courageous women on the front lines who confront danger daily. Their dedication deserves our recognition and celebration. Let’s continue to support and uplift their impactful efforts!

Purnima Devi Barman

India: Purnima Devi Barman

Founder of Hargila Army.

“World Female Ranger Week shines a spotlight on the fearless women working on the front lines. Facing daily dangers, these women deserve our recognition and celebration. Each of us can help make a difference.”

Liberia: Jenny Desmond
Founder of Liberia Chimp Rescue Protection.

“We celebrate the invaluable role women play in the protection of the world’s wildlife. We stand by them in solidarity as they face extraordinary challenges and achieve remarkable successes.””
Larissa Hale

Australia: Larissa Hale

MD and Founder of Yuku Baja Muliku Land Corporation & the QLD Indigenous Women Rangers Network.

“A major part of what I fight for, is to be able to look after our land, our people, and our future. Pride in our country is linked to caring for our country and our people.”

Lilian Ramplin Biologist

Brazil: Lilian Rampin

Biologist at Oncafari

“We’re excited to keep evolving in the areas we specialise within. We’re focused on becoming even better, to create an even bigger impact in the ecotourism sector and in collecting critical scientific data.”

Nesta Phakadi

Zambia: Nestar Phakati

Wildlife Justice & Rule of Law Consultant

“Gender equality in the field of conservation is a game changer and gives us a win win opportunity. World Female Ranger Week pays tribute to brave women on the front lines. These women face danger every day and deserve our recognition and celebration.”

Malaysia: Bam Arrogancia

President, Gibbon Conservation Society

“When I’m feeling especially discouraged, I imagine the day my gibbons are all released. Throwing open the door, I dream of hearing them sing in the wild.”

Zimbabwe: Shelley Cox

Director of Africa Conservation Travel.

“Awareness campaigns such as World Female Ranger Week provide a more visible representation and recognition of the effectiveness of women in conservation and other women are inspired to have greater responsibility and positive impacts on the well being of our planet.”

South Africa: Colin Bell

Co-founder Wilderness Safaris.

Colin describes the green safari model as “one of the fairest ways to partner with local communities and Governments in order to create viable, long-term partnerships that are a winning scenario for wildlife, wildernesses and people.”

UK: Fiona Jeffery OBE

Founder of ‘Just a Drop’.

“World Female Ranger Week gives recognition and voice to both the courage and outstanding conservation work undertaken by female rangers. Proof that gender equality knows no bounds. I’m proud to be an Ambassador and help champion these incredible women.”

UK: Graham Fink

Founder of Fink Different.

“World Female Ranger Week is not only a pioneering campaign in its subject matter but also in its creative approach. The unarmed rangers use words as weapons – invoking the power of Storytelling.”

UK: Chris Mears

MD of ATTA & Experience Africa.

“I’m delighted to be an ambassador for World Female Ranger Week. Holly and her team at How Many Elephants are doing a great job at highlighting the gender gap in the field of conservation.”

UK: Paula Atherill

Founder of Creative Analysis.

World Female Ranger Week celebrates brave women on the front line. These women put themselves in danger every day and deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated. We can all make a difference”.

Melissa Foley

South Africa: Melissa Foley

Founder of All About Africa.

“Supporting the brave women who protect our natural heritage is not just an honour, but a responsibility we all share. These remarkable rangers exemplify the strength and resilience of women in conservation, and their work is vital for a sustainable future.”

Jen Thomas - Author of Nature's Wisdom - Life Lessons From Mother Earth

UK: Jen Thomas

Author of Nature’s Wisdom – Life Lessons From Mother Earth.

“Rebalancing our relationship with nature is more vital than ever and rebalancing gender equality is an essential aspect of that. I am delighted to be an ambassador of these incredible women leading the way and laying an inspiring foundation for our future. I celebrate you!”.

Rebecca - Co-Founder of Kiwano Tourism 

UK: Rebecca Woolford

Co-Founder of Kiwano Tourism

“We cannot solve the climate crisis without gender equality. Despite being roughly half the people on the planet women rarely have equal representation in climate and conservation spaces. This isn’t just bad for women. It’s bad for everyone, so I’m delighted to be an Ambassador of World Female Ranger Week.



100% of your donation will help to train, equip and support female rangers globally on the frontline.